AMIPROD WOOD was founded in the locality VINATORI-NEAMT, in the year 1994, at 55 km distance from PIATRA NEAMT.

In the beginning the main activity of the firm consisted in forestry operation and the processing of the wood. AMIPROD WOOD had developed continuously following an intense programme of investments.

In order to be more suitable for the requirements its clients, AMIPROD WOOD has begun the drying of the timber in modern drying chambers in the year 2000, today it reached a capacity of 700 m3 timber/cycle.

Due to the development of the activity in the second semester of the year 2010 an investment was made which is estimated that in 12 months its technology of drudgery and assortment will be renewed.

We focus our ATTENTION on the quality of the timber but also on the adequate administration and protection of the forests.

Lumber processing

Amiprod Wood utilizes band saw for primary and secondary log itemization, assisted by skilled personnel for accuracy and maximum utilization of resourcees. Our comprehensive lumber manufacturing process is contained under roofs to protect and enhance the natural color of the wood we saw, steam and dry.
Amiprod Wood utilizes the latest technology for steaming and drying its lumber.

Our big seller: the steamed, kiln dried beech wood lumber.
We supply, edged lumber, rough, for furniture manufacturers, woodworking companies, cabinet manufacturers, doors manufacturers, stairs manufacturers, etc.